How a website benefit a real estate business?

Website for real estate business

A real estate agent in Singapore may have multiple properties that need to be sold. Although most real estate agencies have property listing sites, you may want to add additional information that your agency sites may not provide. In the digital world, most potential home sellers and buyers are digital savvy and are able to […]

How to host a WordPress site on cloud servers

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a WordPress site for only $5 a month using DigitalOcean’s cloud servers. Your WordPress that runs on the openLiteSpeed web server supports heavy visitor load through the use of the LSCache that is installed by default. Subscribing to a cloud server The few big names in […]

Types of WordPress hosting


WordPress hosting is a very competitive business. To someone who is looking to start a new WordPress site, it could be overwhelming to compare different plans on the market, especially since the specs and prices seem to differ so much in so many different plans. This post explains the 4 types of WordPress hosting and […]

Introduction to CyberPanel

CyberPanel is an easy to use control panel. It comes bundled with functions that allow you to perform some common web hosting admistrative tasks. This post is an introduction to CyberPanel to a user with User privilege. Content page Logging in to CyberPanel 1. Users 2. Websites 3. Databases 4. DNS 5. Emails 6. FTP […]

Login to WordPress


New WordPress users may find confused to login to WordPress because there is no link to do so. This post explains how you can do so.

Staging WordPress site with CyberPanel

CyberPanel is a control panel that allows you to easily setup commonly used configurations for your web hosting plan.¬†This post describes the procedure of using CyberPanel to staging your WordPress site.¬† Quik Launch offers staging as one very important feature to its customers. Staging refers to the procedure of cloning your live site to a […]

How to setup email in WordPress


Your WordPress email may not be delivered if it is not set right. This post explains how to setup your WordPress email using SMTP configurations.

How to install a New WordPress Theme


The appearance of a WordPress site is the most important criteria to any WordPress site owners. In this post, you will learn how to install your WordPress theme from the free themes in the marketplace and other internet sources. Content page Install a free WordPress theme from the WordPress marketplace Install themes from other sources […]