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How a website benefit a real estate business?

A real estate agent in Singapore may have multiple properties that need to be sold. Although most real estate agencies have property listing sites, you may want to add additional information that your agency sites may not provide.

In the digital world, most potential home sellers and buyers are digital savvy and are able to perform basic internet research to find out more about the whole process. By engaging your customers in the first touchpoint of their customer journey, you place yourself right ahead of the other agents in the process. 

This post explains how a website would benefit a real estate business and its agents.


How a website could benefit a real estate agent’s business

Most real estate agents are discovered through printed brochures dropped to residents’ mail boxes. Such advertising campaigns are expensive.

Consider the cost of printing a set of brochures.

  • 1000-single-sided A4-sized brochure order costs $140.
  • 1000-double-sided A4-sized brochure order costs $235.

A typical Singapore HDB flat has around 100 units. The 1000 brochures would cover only around 10 HDB flats for a single day campaign. Most people would throw the brochures away if they are not selling or buying units. As such, the cost of printing provide less than optimal use of the available advertising budget.

Owning an online website could certainly overcome the problem of limited budget as well as making effective use of the existing budget.


An online presence

Most people do not buy or sell homes on a regular basis. As such, they do not have a permanent real estate agent to go for services. However, with so many agents providing identical services, it takes effort to make yourself stand apart from the rest.

By having a website, you are already in a niche group of agents who cares to introduce your services in a digital world. You are able to share your tips and updates on government policies and how they affect the buying and selling of properties in Singapore. You also allow your audience to get assurance that you have expertise in your field. More importantly, your audience could also get relevant and important information from your site.

When they have more questions, they will surely contact you further for clarifications. That will place you right ahead in the customer’s journey.


Current available properties

Although most agencies have websites listing properties, many of these sites are template-based and you have little control over the information to put in.

By having your own sites, you could place more photos of your properties, as well as the neighbourhoods, which are certainly important in helping buyers make more awareness of the potential properties.

You could also add additional information such as the history of the properties or neighbourhood.


Brand building

With your website, you could put information such as your experiences, awards and educational levels. You are able to make a personal connections with your leads and customers. When your customers see you as a person, they will be more willing to work with you.

On top of that, having a website places you far ahead of your competitors. You will be seen as more knowledgable and that will convert to trust. What’s more, you could even post positive feedback from your past customers.

Once you gain the trust of your leads, they will be more comfortable to engage your services.


Lead generation and advertisement

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars printing brochures that get thrown into the trash, you could use it on Google Advertisements that will generate leads and traffic to your site. Furthermore, these leads are quality leads because they are already actively seeking information on properties.

Once your leads start engaging on your site, you will have quality leads that have much higher chance for conversion than cold leads that get your brochures in the mail boxes.


Decided to start your website now?

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