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New WordPress users may find confused to login to WordPress because there is no link to do so. This post explains how you can do so.

In order then you install a new WordPress site, you are automatically the administrator of the site. Since WordPress is a blogging system, you may have other members contributing to the same site. In order to start adding content or making changes to the WordPress site, you will need to login to the WordPress site.

Login to the WordPress administrator account

  1. Append the string wp-admin to the end of your URL i.e. https://classroomt.net/wp-admin/ .
  2. Enter your admin account and password to log in to the dashboard.
Logging to the administrator account by appending 'wp-admin' to the URL.
Logging to the administrator account by appending 'wp-admin' to the URL.
Overview of the WordPress dashboard
Overview of the WordPress dashboard

After login to the WordPress admin account

If you are a new WordPress user, you may want to find out more about the basic setup of a new WordPress site before you start to create contents.

Below lists the important setups to a new WordPress.

  • Setup WordPress email to ensure that contact form feedbacks and other transactional emails are delivered to your inbox.
  • Setup a backup system so that your can restore from it.
  • Changing the theme to alter the appearance of your WordPress site.

Read up the related posts below for further instructions on how you can achieve these.

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