Setting Microsoft 365 Emails using Aliases

Microsoft 365 users can create multiple aliases. This post describes how you can setup apps to send Microsoft 365 emails using aliases.

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, allows you to create multiple aliases with a single paid account. After the alias account is created within the admin centre, others could send email to the alias account that you had created. However, when you reply the emails, the person who received it will see that it was sent from your primary account. This post will show you how to set up your email client so that you can send or reply emails using Microsoft 365 aliases.

Creating aliases in Microsoft 365 admin centre

  1. In Microsoft 365 admin centre, go to Users > Active users
  2. Select the account that you want to create the alias account with. Click Manage username and email. From here, you could add any number of aliases. 
A point that must be remembered is that any email sent or received under Microsoft 365 alias account would also show up in the same folders of the primary account. 
Creating Microsoft 365 aliases in the admin centre
Creating Microsoft 365 aliases in the admin centre

Setting up the Microsoft 365 aliases in Outlook

After the alias account is created, you could now add it to your email app. This process is similar across different email apps such as Outlook and Apple Mail. With Outlook, you can follow the procedures below.

  1. In Outlook preferences, select Accounts.
  2. Select Add new account.
  3. Enter the alias email account and click Continue.
  4. While Outlook is searching for a valid provider, click Choose the Provider.
  5. Select IMAP/POP.
  6. In the credentials panel, make sure that the primary email account (the account that you signed up with Microsoft 365) is entered in the Username. The Password should also be the primary account password.
  7. Use the following for the SMTP server:

Incoming Server:
Port: 993
Outgoing Server:
Port: 587

Setting up the Microsoft 365 aliases in Apple Mail

Beside Outlook, you could also set up alias account in Apple Mail.

  1. In Mail preferences, select Accounts… .
  2. Select Add other account… .
  3. Enter the alias email address in the Email Address and with the primary account password in the Password field. Click Sign In.
  4. Select IMAP.
  5. In the credential fields, under Username, enter your primary account username. The Password should also be the primary account password.
  6. Enter the following for the SMTP server.

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

Sending email from the Microsoft 365 aliases

After you have created your Microsoft 365 aliases, your email recipient swill see the emails as being sent from the aliases. It is also useful to note that any emails that you received in the Microsoft 365 aliases will also be received in the primary accounts.

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