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Serves high visitor traffic dependably

Up to 1000 clients per second for 1 minute

Test is conducted with Loader application load testing tool on Quik Launch's LaunchPad 1 hosting plan

Average 3 milliseconds respond time

It can handle than 30 responses per second!

Peace of mind

Our WordPress hosting plans assures you that your site would handle most traffic situations reliably.

LiteSpeed Web Server's handling capacity of 1000 clients per second load test

LiteSpeed Web Server

The web server that powers the LaunchPad WordPress hosting plans

LSCache for our WordPress hosting plans uses advanced cache-management tools and optimisation features to create an unmatched user experience.

Server-level full page cache gives LSCache accuracy and intelligence that other application-level plugins cannot duplicate.

Crawler pre-caches your sites so they load quickly on the first visit.

Ecommerce sites are fully cacheable under LSCache, including shopping carts and other personalised content.

LSCache provides premium optimisation features for faster page loading and improved scores on page speed measurement sites like PageSpeed Insights and GT Metrix.

Add-On Services for LaunchPad WordPress hosting plans

Monthly Maintenance

Engage our monthly maintenance service to acquire a peace of mind.







Additional Web Services

Purchase these additional services to boost your WordPress hosting plans

Google Site Kit


Integrate your existing or new Google account to your WordPress website. You can start tracking your site traffic from the Google Site Kit.

Payment System


Set up a PayPal or other payment system on your WordPress website so that you can monetise your website immediately.

Email Marketing


Set up MailChimp for your WordPress website so that you can run email marketing campaign on your website.