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Premium WordPress Hosting
with LSCache

LSCache for WordPress uses advanced cache-management tools and optimisation features to create an unmatched user experience.

Server-level full page cache gives LSCache accuracy and intelligence that other application-level plugins cannot duplicate.

Crawler pre-caches your sites so they load quickly on the first visit.

LSCache provides premium optimisation features for faster page loading and improved scores on page speed measurement sites like PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.

Ecommerce sites are fully cacheable under LSCache, including shopping carts and other personalised content.

Super Fast

Powerful LSCache for Dynamic Content
PHP LSAPI is faster than PHP/FPM. Static files – 4X-6X faster than Apache. LSCache – 100X faster Game changer
Handle Tons of Concurrent Users
Event driven architecture same as nginx. No rapid drop off above 100-200 concurrent users.
Triple Your Server Capacity, Reduce Hardware & Support Cost


Smarter and Faster WAS

Compatible with Apache mod_security rules. Uses many fewer server resources.

WordPress Brute-Force Protection

Built-in brute-force protection at the server level, drops malicious connections once detected. It is much more efficient than any other plugin-level protection.

Advanced Anti-DDoS

Per-IP throttling at different levels: connection, request, and bandwidth.

External Applications suEXEC

Running as user for PHP/Ruby/CGI/FCGI/LSAPI etc.

Cutting Edge Technologies


LSWS provides the fastest HTTPS and HTTP/2 performance. HTTP2 Server push is supported.


ESI (Edge Side Include) Cache

Punch holes for private/changeable data on public pages using ESI. Together with LSCache, ESI lets you serve the entire mixed-content page from cache.

Brotli Compression

Brotli compression (superior to gzip) available for both static and dynamic content.


Speeds up TCP connections.

Simple Stack

Better than cPnginx

No need for messy NGINX-Apache hybrid setups. Removes one layer of proxy, which means faster serving of dynamic content.

No more Varnish needed

LSCache is faster and uses less CPU/memory compared to Varnish. No extra layer for HTTPS termination required.

No more wasting time tuning your Apache

No need to deal with NGINX rewrites. Stop harassing your system administrators.

No more wasting time tuning your Apache

LiteSpeed has an event-driven architecture like NGINX. Apache is a multi-process, multi-threaded server, which cannot come close to the performance of an event-driven server, no matter how you tune it.

Host your LiteSpeed WordPress for up to 5 domains

Host your LiteSpeed WordPress for up to 5 domains

Convert from Apache to LiteSpeed Web Server

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