Tech Specs


Automatic backups are performed once a week


CyberPanel provides you with more power to customise your VPS

LiteSpeed Web Server

Starter license comes free with the LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise

Web Design

We also provide custom WordPress web development for your business site

Free Site Transfer

If you have an existing WordPress site, we can transfer it to Quik Launch for free.

Higher Spec servers

As VPS, you can adjust the specs of the servers anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the cost of automatic backup?

The automatic backups are priced at 20% of your plan. As such, backups for Launch Pad One cost $2 per month for most users. When your website needs to be upgraded to handle really high traffic(and Launch Pad One can already handle very high traffic), your backup cost may increase.

The backup is run once a week.


Should I purchase the backup?

It is not necessary to purchase the automatic backup from us. However, it is essential to run some form of backup. There are some plugins available on WordPress that will backup your site. However, it is important to ensure that the backups are stored on another server and not on your VPS.

That being said, in the event that your site went down due to unforeseen circumstances, you will need to restore your WordPress from the backup you have. It may not be a one-click step to restore your site.

For $2 per month, the backup you have could be restored in one-click when your site is down.

What is CyberPanel?

The WordPress you purchased from us run on a VPS. For most operations such as writing articles, you will be fine working in WordPress itself and you will not have to delve into the operating system(Linux) via command line.

For more powerful users, you may want to customise some functions of your WordPress. To do that , you may need to work on Linux command line. CyberPanel(or other forms of control panel) is a sysadmin package provides an intermediate step to help users perform advance operations with a graphical user interface.

Could I upgrade to CyberPanel later?

If you select CyberPanel from the point of registration, there is no setup charges.

However, should you choose Launch Pad One and decide to add CyberPanel later, there will be a setup charge of $20.

Can my plan handle more than 1 GB RAM?

The LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise that runs your WordPress is based on the started license. It can handle up to 2 GB RAM on your VPS. You can contact the customer service to upgrade your plan to 2 GB or higher.

What is the LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise?

WordPress runs on a web server. Apache is a commonly used web server that can run WordPress. LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise, together with the LSCache plugin, makes your 

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