2021 End-of-Year Promotion

Free domain for new plan sign-ups

End-of-Year Promotion 2021

When you sign up for a new LaunchPad 1 or 2 plan with us, you will get a domain free for the first year.

A Singapore-Based Web Design and Hosting Company

Based in Singapore since 2015, we develop web sites for businesses with quality and budget in mind. Our target audience are freelancers, sole proprietors, tutors, financial and real estate agents.

Quik Launch would love to be your partner to help you launch your website. We use quality templates so that your content and media could be placed in your sites in the shortest time.

Our standard package includes the following:


Standard hosting package

Install more web sites with a single LaunchPad plan

Why do you need to subscribe a separate plan to host another site? With LaunchPad 1 and 2, you could use your existing VPS to host additional sites.

Contact the customer support to find out how to do so. 

Elementor Design package

Flexible and Extensible Resources

You may always expand the resources such as storage and bandwidth. 

Contact support to find out more.

Tech Specifications

LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server

All our WordPress packages run on the LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server. LSWS is a drop-in replacement of Apache and it increases the performance of the server using minimal hardware resources. LSWS also reduces hardware costs, and you will find that your site handles more page visits for the same dollar cost compared to other web servers.

Virtual Private Server

Our hosting services are served from Digital Ocean’s VPS. Each of your hosting plans from  LaunchPad 1 and 2 runs on individual VPS servers,  providing you with unique IPs. If you are on a budget, you may try out our shared LaunchPad Lite plans. We monitor the servers closely to ensure that your sites are running at the optimal performance.

Flexibility and extensible

Since our WordPress hosting packages are running on individual VPS servers, you could host more than one website with a single LaunchPad 1 or 2 package. You could also install additional web apps besides WordPress to fulfil your business needs.

How can you benefit from a website

Having your own website gave you the control of presenting your products to your audience. You are not held back from the fixed layouts of social media platforms or their changing policies.

Owning your website need not be an expensive affair. If you like to get your hands dirty, you may subscribe to our hosting plan with a basic Elementor design package. You will get a visual page builder experienceand build your site from there. Alternatively, you you also engage our design service that provide a template-based development. Template-based site can be developed quickly and cheaply. What is most important is the service or products that you offer to your customers.

Professionals that could benefit from having a website

Financial planning is a complicated business. It takes much time and effort to explain the concepts to your prospects. By putting the ideas and your products on your websites, you could explain your propositions to your prospects and give them a easy way to contact you.

What’s more, having your own site lends a great credibility to your business.Real

As a real estate agent, you may have numerous properties to show off to your prospects. Displaying the deautiful images of your properties bring more customers to your business.

Read how a website could enhance your real estate business.

Having taught for many years, you probably have tons of contents that you had created for your students. Sharing these resources with other educators benefit students that you do not teach!

A Singapore-based web design and hosting company with experience working with freelancers and SMEs. Feel free to contact us through WhatsApp to find out what you will need to start a website.

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